Patil Systems Releases Registration Tool for the Web

LiveFORM Allows Users to Fill In Forms by Clicking a Single Button

San Jose, CA -- October 3, 1996 -- Patil Systems, Inc, a California-based Internet tool and consulting company today announced the release of a new generation of Web based registration tools for use in sales automation and user data collection. Patil Systems' LiveFORM technology is expected to revolutionize the method of gathering of user data.

"In a typical scenario, when no registration tools are used, the user visits the web page and types out his or her data. This process involves repetitive typing of the same information," said Suhas Patil, president of Patil Systems, Inc. "This new set of tools eliminates the tedium of typing this information again and again. We sincerely believe that the merchants will be able to collect more accurate data with this new technology."

"Pretty neat! This is something I always wanted. It helps Web marketers to collect consumer information easily at the same time keeping full control in the hands of the end user," said Sanjay Dani, president of Web Professoinals, Inc., a Web service provider based in Cupertino, California.

Patil noted that this patent-pending technology is the first of a number of technologies that will be brought to market by the young startup.

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