What is LiveFORM?

LiveFORM TM is an online form that users can automatically fill out using their electronic business card, ebCARDTM, stored on their computer. Over two million users are deriving benefits from these forms. This patent pending technology completely eliminates manual typing of common information such as name, phone number in online forms. Thus a user could visit a site that uses LiveFORM for survey, registration or guestbook for the very first time and still be able to fill out the form at the click of a button! Essentially, just like a paper business card that you print once and use everywhere, ebCARD can be created once and used on every site that uses LiveFORM.


  1. Websites get quality information instead of "asdf" and "qwerty" since users have more incentive to provide better information as they can save it locally for future use on other forms.
  2. Users like filling LiveFORM because it requires no typing!
  3. Users have field level control on their data.
  4. Data submitted is clear of typographical mistakes.
  5. Increases marketing potential as the tool to fill form is supplied with the form.
  6. Reduces in-house development time by using its built-in data validation rules .
  7. Eliminates tedium of typing.
  8. Simple for Webmasters to implement and simple for non-technical visitors to your web site .
  9. Highly customizable..
  10. Transparent to users.
  11. For WWW and Intranets.

    LiveFORM Details

  • Data entered into a LiveFORM can be locally stored on user's computer and can be used to automatically fill other LiveFORMs, within Intranet or on WWW. The locally stored information serves as the Electronic Business Card -- an ebCARDTM. Every LiveFORM is able to "accept" this ebCARD and is able to pre-fill the form at the click of a button. The user has physical control of the stored data. Hence if two companies use LiveFORM for building their order form, a visitor could fill-out both the forms using the same set of data but only provide information that is needed on each form. The layout and the number of fields need not be same for both the forms.
  • Any form can be converted to LiveFORM by adding our module thus your old forms need not be discarded. The forms can have any number of fields. Only those fields get filled in for which data is available.
  • The technology used gives users field level control of what is being submitted from their disk i.e. if they do not want to submit their email address even if the form has a field, they can erase that field since all the data that is being submitted is visible in the form.
  • LiveFORM works with every web server.
  • LiveFORMs are not tied to any domain or to any browser. This technology works with Microsoft Internet Explorer TM and Netscape Navigator TM. On other browsers, the forms function just like regular HTML based forms.
  • LiveFORM has data validation rules built-in and hence your in-house development time is reduced.

Online Forms and Electronic Commerce

The registration forms have two major limitations:

  • the users are required to enter same information over and over since each site requires similar data. This is true for Intranet and WWW. If a user visits 10 sites then he or she is expected to fill out 10 different forms all having essentially the same data; name, phone number etc. Within Intranets, the sales engineer or the help desk staff has to fillin same data again and again for different people within Intranet.
  • the forms being written in HTML have no validation rules. The user has to wait for an OK from the server to know whether the data was acceptable.

people simply hate typing information in such forms due to these problems. Forms developed with our patent pending LiveFORM TM technology do not have these problems. LiveFORMs are smart forms and interact with users in automatically filling fields for which data is available and making sure that certain fields are filled in before submitting the form to the server. The data used in prefilling certain fields is taken from the user's computer system and no central database is required for storing this information. A LiveFORM has two extra buttons; one button for storing the information that is manually entered into the forms and the second button to use this stored information in filling out other LiveFORMs. LiveFORM is completely non-intrusive for the overall functionality of your forms. The only visible difference between your current form and that built with LiveFORM is in the extra two buttons.

This technology is extremely easy to use, extensible and customizable for each organization for use within Intranet and the logic adds insignificant load on the web server. Just like the real thing, an ebCARD is handed out only when you want to hand it out.

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