Who is using LiveFORM ?

As of July 20, 1998 more than 500,000 people have created their ebCARD and more than 1.5 Million GuestWorld Inc. , a Lycos company, guestbook owners benefit from the use of LiveFORM.

Hewlett-Packard Co. is using LiveFORM technology for sales division in their Intranet.

We are looking for partners and distributors to further promote the usage of ebCARD on the web. Qualified partners get commissions and prominent position on our website. If interested send email to us.


ebCARD Architecture The diagram shows the overall architecture of how data from one profile will get used in two transactions where a user buys airline tickets and shoes on the web from two different websites.

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Sign Guestworld guestbook that uses LiveFORM technology. Similar guestbooks are installed on over 1.5 Million websites as of December 1998.

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