Why Form Designers Should Use LiveFORM Technology

  • LiveFORM makes filling forms out very easy for the user -- this means that fewer errors are made during submission.
  • Users are more likely to try out your product or services or respond to your surveys as the tedium of typing is eliminated. For example, if you are a publisher offering free sample issues, this technology may increase the number of sample issues requested.
  • LiveFORM automates your sales and marketing process. Since the tedium of typing is removed more people try out your products. As your marketing reach increases your sales start to go up.
  • The template forms provided with LiveFORM have error checking functionality built-in. This means your in-house development time for creating robust forms is reduced.
  • Once the forms are filled-out the information can be sent to you through an email which you can drag-and-drop on LiveLEAD, a Microsoft Access based leads collector application. For more info, send an email to us
  • The LiveFORM technology can be customized for your application. This means you aren't limited to using forms created in our format but can add and delete fields from the templates to create the form you need.

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Shareware version of form can be created here.

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